Wednesday, February 8, 2012


Roland Martin was suspended by CNN for an assumed Homophobic 'Tweet' comment. The GLAAD association filed a formal complaint over a Superbowl tweet that Roland Martin made to his "followers" which, according to Roland was taken out of context and fueled by the same uncontrolled and chaotic resources of limited human common sense we call social media. The argument used to justify the suspension were past comments defined as racist, homophobic, liberal, socialist and every and any other definition used to describe a CNN host. What gets me most about this is the exploitative nature of the issue. The Boogyman in the closet factor. Normally I wouldn't care about something like this but I did take the time to bone up (I hope saying that don't get GLAAD on my ass for saying) on the facts and my jaw dropped. I mean dropped like a Looneytoon moment for shock and awe. I did not read anything remotely homophobic in Roland Martin's comment. If anything, it was a greater diss on H&M than anything sports, sex or gay related. But then again, I was using common sense and basic comprehension skills.

"Ain't no real bruhs going to H&M to buy some damn David Beckham underwear! If a dude at your Super Bowl party is hyped about David Beckham's H&M underwear ad, smack the ish out of him! I bet soccer fan Piers Morgan will be in line at H&M in the morning to get his hands on David Bechman's (sic) underwear line."

I mean REALLY .. for this tweet comment?

Believe it our not, I not only thought the same thing at my Superbowl event, I actually said something similar, OUT LOUD which got a roomful of collective laughs. By the way, I am quite sure the Gay people in the room weren't psychologically scared due to the fact that they were more interested in "WHO" David Beckham was and where they could get the granny-panties he was wearing. All-in-All, the ad was successful for attracting both Women and Gay men to buy a pair of over priced H&M booty-chokers. And for those who are not in the know, H&M is Metrosexual central for fashion. Hoping GLAAD isn't hot on my ass for poking at the truth for saying this but H&M has been the primary source of the uppity-urban fashion trend for knock-off Couture and Cat-Walkmania since day one and if it is Gay, Metro-trendy and inexpensive, its at H&M. Its reality living in New York City. I'm not saying that H&M is an exclusively Gay business or that it is a hyper-Gay-friendly corporation but real is real, a large amount of their profits come from Women and the Gay Community. Look at their profits and then get back to me if you want to call me anything outside of speaking truth or being honest. Even David Beckham stated he felt uncomfortable doing the Ad. And this is coming from a guy who kicks balls for a living. Again, GLAAD, no pun intended so keep back your lawyers.

I once posted on a social media network, "It's so humid, even crackers have lost their snap." WOW, was this a lesson in White vs Black humor when the truth of the matter was, I had an opened box of crackers that had absorbed the humidity in the room and literally, each cracker was moist and soft. I say this to say, some realities are just that, REALITY. The ad is homoerotic. The style and look is very Gay in its tone and intent.

What amazes me is that tweets and one's personal life seems to COEXIST as one entity. It seems that there are whole societies that sit, study and police the every word and moments of tweeters. A Big Tweeter Consortium dedicated to "Getchu". So much is this becoming past-time that Twitter has become, at least by my perception, no different than TMZ or some other tabloid rag. Having an account by a recognizable person and hoping to avoid Big Brother, one would need to have a DL account, an Anonymous presence so that they can speak free and clear protected by the the virtual Constitution and the laws governed by free speech and expression. 

I didn't find Roland's comments offensive. Maybe because I don't care about Beckham, the sport of soccer, a tattooed man in granny panties, about the overall Superbowl-mania or the fact that this issue was born out of a mix of some of the worst Superbowl commercials to date, but I am beginning to side with a lot of other Americans, many whom are Racist, Sexist and Homophobic .... "&#$%@ GET OVER YOURSELF".  The Ad was Gay. If you take a Poll of Gay men (which no one has done thus far) you'd find that even they would say .... "That Ad was Gay-esque" or at least Gay-Sexy. Women who were Polled voted over 60% that the Ad was sexy and "Facebookable enough to "Like".

Yes, Martin Roland can be an ASS. I have experienced this first hand but one thing I can say, he is an honest Ass. He doesn't mix words with the truth which is why he, I and many within the industry gives him deference and respect. So if he said he was making fun of David Beckham as a soccer player and the sport .... it is safe to say the man doesn't respect the sport or Beckham. Reading his "tweet" and exercising basic comprehension skills, it was very clear as to his intent. The H&M ad was very different and unexpected for the typical Superbowl barrage of drink more, eat more, buy more, treat women like sex objects more. To throw in a naked man in booty-chokers as if he was auditioning for Victoria Secrets .... I mean REALLY? Who were you really trying to impress with brief (no pun intended) peeks and glimpses of crack and crotch? I guess my comment of, "OMG, another Hooker commercial!" after the tenth scantily dressed woman in a bikini was shown, I would be primed for being insensitive, misogynous and needing firing destined to intense sensitivity training. In America under the Constitution, Free Speech, Expression, blah blah ... its my perception, my reality and I spit in the face of anyone who tries to campaign any degree of penance upon me to make me apologize. And for the record, I DON'T LIKE SOCCER EITHER.

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