Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Scared for life,
in the cut.
Slashed deep,
deep deep inside
-- across the heart
but I didn’t die.
I cried
out loud to Hell and Heaven
moving evening clouds that hid full Moons
and stars that guided sailors and sin folk
to salvation.

I walked to beauty
beholden in mine eye
-- archangel
and fighting chances,
rolling moods,
I shock and shake up
baby mommas
and daddies daring
false dignities
while whistling for religious holiness
for help
for need
for my skin
the ugly up in blackberry pie slices
served up for those hungry for the beautiful
inner me
the see
in the free
allowed to be
spread like thin butter over crusts of hot bread
and left in the wind.
The cuts.
My ugly drying in the wind
harden like old scabs
-- this is the magnificence
an audacious acceptance of
a troubled spirit
that once knew love
that once knew me
in my beauty
in my pain
and in my

I Walk To Beauty by Shazza Nakim
Copyright © by Peace of Mind Publishings and with permission by Shazza Nakim

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