Thursday, May 15, 2008


In the still of an evening young
the wind stopped and waited for something
to happen.
As if a life had hung
in the balance.

It pushed
its way through barriers unrelenting.
The Earth, strangled and choked, gasping for control
it fought for its most basic inner workings.
Shifting through objects too dense
shadows bent as light moved
for an ancient confrontation
What saints for generations
proclaimed would soon begin,
The Time When Hell Attacked Heaven.

Breaking from the center of the World
an arrow of fire struck
deep into the heart of Angles.
And I heard their screams.
Hell had gashed deep into paradise.
And as the gate, which had seen
holy traffic for all of eternity
-- less than more in the past infinity,
contorted and melted by the intensity of Hell's passing.
Clouds, which paved the way to a spiritual bliss
were now tracked with footfalls of ash and brimstone.
Raining heavily upon their Earth,
soil saturated with bloodshed
spilt from Heaven.
Fair music from Heaven's soul became old song
crushed and laden with laughter played backwards.
Now the wisdom of truth,
and of the word,
rang loudly as it played in reverse.
An act countering the brilliance of light,
the succumbing of the absoluteness of the promise.
The war was total
taking no prisoners.
Hell had become the destroyer of merriment
for all the ages.

The final frontier;
The Palace of Creation,
the center of Eucharist,
the home of GOD,
stood in the balance.
Knock Knock
And GOD’s door opened,
as Hell was invited in.
Then nothing.
thicker now, causing silence.
and the universe was divided in
For the Creator put all things back in order.
To replay the game of existence
all over again.

Before Mine Eyes, I Watched by Shazza Nakim
Copyright © by Peace of Mind Publishings and with permission by Shazza Nakim

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