Friday, December 21, 2007


Eyes closed
the sounds of rushing air
and crisp snaps
bright red behind eyelids
and my face
Tension rushing from my arms
my shoulders
my back
my legs
and my mind wondering
as my eyes open to catch up.
Elongated shadows dance over me
the walls
the floors
the ceiling
the windows
as the smell of seasoned
smoked oak
and a keg of pine
charcoal in the night.
My dreams
standing still
and burning
reshaping reality
painted in fantasy.
The quickening
like the sounds of children
rushing through autumn leaves
kicking and stopping
in play.
Washed over by
controlled and boxed in
my fire to
A piece of the sun
at midnight
during a full moon
in October
my heart lovingly beats to the crackle
of the flames
and my breath
sharing the air that fuels its flicker.
and orange and redden hue
turning wood black with gray coating
the evidence of the heated splendor of it all,
touching my soul in ways
beyond human recognition
fervent caresses of nature
a warmth of elemental satisfaction,
a tale of mythic proportions
that will be able to express
the limitless wonder of the flame.
A transcending into Valhalla.
The compassion of Vulcan.
A ballad of Ra.
The riding of the dragon’s
breast in passion.
My thoughts dancing with shadows
those playful apparitions of the unconscious mind
roaming throughout the world
fueled by the fire
until they all die of old age
and the smoke of daybreak.

Caresses of the Flame by Shazza Nakim
Copyright © by Peace of Mind Publishings and with permission by Shazza Nakim

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