Wednesday, January 8, 2014


There is this new urban MYTH that legalizing marijuana is a good thing for Black Males in regards to their incarceration under the War on Drugs in the US. WAKE-UP PEOPLE ... all this does is move the product into Corporate hands with Government collecting taxes. Marijuana belongs to the STATE. Anyone not in those circles possessing, growing, exchanging, investing, gene splicing, marketing, advertising, scheming and hustling weed will still be incarcerated just like the selling of cigarettes and alcohol.
The Government just needed time to create an official business plan that can be applied State-by-State and enough people dependent upon the product to push it through. Marijuana can be grown in the home as simply as a common Chia Pet product. Like bottled-water .... its all just a Game. Arresting people for weed had become a plan that had exhausted its merit points. The argument that it is for medical reason was not only the keep reason for making marijuana legal but "is" the ultimate smoke screen and not the real reason. When pushed to answer the question, "Are there alternatives to marijuana?" the answer was always, "YES, but ...". Using recreational smokers to push the agenda, the medical industry used it to gain legal access to cornering the market for profit and will flip-the-script to either exclude recreational smokers or become the sole dealers of the product. Already recreational smokers are going to the marijuana centers and being turned away because they don't have a "prescription".

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