Wednesday, March 28, 2012


There is the Truth and the Bold Lie. Florida, the Media (paper, local and cable) and those that just want to oppose what is obvious have, since the day of the shooting, been trying to find justification and (fictitious) evidence to exonerate David Zimmerman. The events and actions were clear from the start. It was very cut and dry. The more the other side pushes with their desire to apply justification for an innocent child's murder, the more uber-evidence comes to the surface. Almost like an erupting volcano. Just this video alone shows that the reports of a "life-and-death" struggle fall flat.

There is one thing about having an open mind and another to look for reasons to reject the truth. THIS IS ONE OF THEM. What the nation (Florida) is struggling with is accepting that not only was this a CHILD but a child that did not fit the psychological profile that has been brainwashed into its psyche ... the THUG, the Criminal, the Dangerous Boogie Man-Child. It speaks to proving that this nation has a deeply rooted psychological "need" to categorize and profile based on looks, dress and mannerisms. Whites are even (slowly) starting to acknowledge that if the role/races were reversed, Trayvon and the nation would be calling for the DEATH PENALTY. This even exposes how People of Color, Creeds and sexualities have to exercise CODE SWITCHING so that they can function in society. When Black families have to TEACH their children how not to walk, talk, act, dress, eat, sing, dance, play, respond, stare, smile, associate, travel, drive, shop, study, write, work, travel, worship, vote etc. for fear of being "misinterpreted" ... how any action or normal behavior will be subject to an error in judgement or confrontation ... or the end result will be adding them to the thousands of Black and Brown children being shoot all over the country ... you don't pull a Rick Perry and say, "Opps" and keep it moving. This is what the Florida police tried to do and found out that Black people were not going to let it happen.
The media tried to ignore it and deem it as "another common Black child shot" story and they were in error. If the police and media had done their job, there would not be the national rallies, social media barrages, community marches, Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson on call. But when you ignore the facts and ignore the reality of murder, looking for "another truth" , you are simply copping out for not wanting to take off the Rose Colored Glasses and seeing the events as they are.

Geraldo Rivera is catching Hell for his statement that it was Trayvon's hoodie and or his parent's fault for "allowing" him to wear Thug Clothing ... the same clothing that every college and university child wears. Even worst, the police did a FULL toxicology and autopsy and found NOTHING. Where was Zimmerman's tests on that day and a "citizen who killed someone? Now they are trying to brand Trayvon as a school trouble maker and drug user/dealer. NOT TRUE.

Stand Your Ground is a law that was to protect innocent people attacked within their homes, businesses or in protecting their property from an aggressor. NOT a person looking to play TOP COP with known psychological issues. Maybe I have dedicated myself to gathering all the information I can on this case and trust me, the evidence from the other side is all weak and non-existent. But for the idea of two truths ... there is only one and all the evidence points to it. Now its up to Florida to show its TRUE COLORS.

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